Products & Communications


LiteIP Luminaire Controller

Every luminaire will have a wireless controller and a presence sensor. The only connections to the luminaires are Live, Neutral and Earth. This includes the emergency luminaires which no longer need a separate switched live. One luminaire per zone might have a daylight sensor. Wireless scene-plates might be added for scene-setting. That’s it! There are no remote sensors, Lighting Control Modules, network controllers or head-end PC onsite.


LiteIP Collator

Internet connectivity is not required nor used for lighting controls. The system can be linked to the internet by adding a LiteIP Collator. The online portal can now be used to monitor and control emergency lighting, energy usage, occupancy heatmapping and e-mail alerts for maintenance.


LiteIP Mate

Import, sketch or photograph each zone. Wirelessly identify fittings and drag onto the drawing. Assign and edit profiles. Link fittings into unlimited overlapping groups for occupancy, daylight and scene controls.